Claim Process

Funeral Claims

  1. No claims will be paid if any part of the membership fees is outstanding or in arrears.
  2. Only claims submitted within 6 months from the date of death will be considered.
  3. No claims will be considered unless documentary evidence, as determined by our Insurer, KGA Life has been supplied.
  4. In the event of a claim:
    1. Contact our claims department at or call the claim department during working hours on 012 803 6533 or 012 111 0296 or WhatsApp 081 243 7518
    2. Our claims department will register the claim and will supply a claim form.
    3. Main documents that will be needed;
      1. Beneficiary’s Identity Document
      2. Deceased Identity Document
  • Deceased death certificate
  1. If the death is due to an accident a police report
  2. Other documents as may be required by the Insurer.